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Got a call from "Luis Chandler" today from Litfire – same story … broken English, sounded Asian or from Philippines. There was the same big tale of "book scouts" being very excited about my book. He said book scouts only recommended 3 books total during the whole month of August so being recommended was a ‘very big deal’. He wanted me to transfer from my existing publishing company to them with promises that they could do a much better job to market my book. But when asked specifics of exactly how they would do a better job, I got very broken, indirect, disjointed answers about some International book fair in Guadalajara and other locations such as Frankfort. He also talked about Author House (which is not the company I published through) saying it was a sister-company of my publisher. I haven’t found any evidence of that being true. When I asked what they would do for me that my current publisher was not already doing, he never really answered the question directly. Interestingly, "Luis" also kept saying "oh, hold on, my manager is really excited about this and wants me to ask you if …. " – LOL, this is huge used car sales tactic. He kept referencing Cami Onolfo as an example of one of their amazing "success stories" of someone who was not getting what they really needed for marketing and promotion from their existing self-publishing company, but after signing with Litfire she became a huge success. I looked her name up on Amazon and found a book (see for yourself), but she barely shows up on a Google search at all. He told me that after years of no success on her book, she had transferred her book to Litfire and it had been picked up by a big traditional publisher quickly because they had an "in" with the big publishing companies. The price to switch over was & 036;599 because they had contacted me instead of me soliciting them (discounted from & 036;1400). I asked what’s in it for them to market my book to traditional publishers. It seems if they want to publish my book because they think it is good enough for them to make & 036;& 036;& 036; on with better marketing, but then also want to promote my book to a traditional publisher where they will no longer make & 036;& 036;& 036; on it, it seems like a conflict of interest to me and it makes no sense at all. He never really answered the question. He strangely kept asking if I had my manuscript in .pdf or if I still had the original version. Now, he has sent lots of emails with attachments for contracts and such. I am now curious if there would be anyway for them to troll to find my typed manuscript if I download the attachment. Would my book show up somewhere in the Philippines under a different title … crazy conspiracy, but this is strange. Anyway, sharing my story to add to the ongoing saga in hope that it might help someone else not get taken advantage of. What a waste of my day 🙁

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