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About a year ago, my yahoo email account was hacked, tried to reach yahoo (no luck), was given the 888-389-7614 number to fix problem. purchased supposed life time warranty for around 300.00. Was told problem had been fixed and would have no more problems. Received a call on 4/13/15 by Alexander, who identified himself as head technician and was told that my email had been breached. I explained that I had already corrected problem and had a life time warranty. He said that was correct but this breach was from the internet(??) and to correct this problem he could sell me software for 199.95 for one year’s contract. Naturally I did not react very well and told him I was not going to give him anymore money. He informed me that if I did not buy additional software all my accounts and passwords were in jephardy. I called live technician to report phone call and was told that yes Alexander(head technician) had called me and he would have to transfer me to his extension so that he could explain problem. I reiterated that I had a so called life time warranty and he said this problem was different and Alexander would have to explain it to me. Told him I had already talked to Alexander and I was not going to give them anymore money. Now I am concerned about my email account and all my passwords, banking info., etc. .

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