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I was looking for a site where I could ask a non-emergency question to a live Doctor requarding something that I needed some more information about. I searched for an found this site, as they offered a live 24/7 chat with a certified Doctor for $9.99 and what sealed the deal for me was that they also offered a 100% money back garrantee if I was not satisfied with the service. I paid for and asked my question on January 29, 2014. During this session wit the Doctor I was very disappointed and actually concerned with the legitimacy of this service. The Doctor that I spoke with seemed very inexperienced and inept. I made clear to him a medical condiction that I had and that there are certain restrictions due to this. What really worried me was that all his recommendations to me were in complete contast and disregard of my medical condition. Had I not been educated to my condition, and educated as a medical professional for ever 20 years myself, I may not have questioned his advise, and the scarey part is that his suggestions could have put me in a live threatening position. When I called his attention to this huge potential conflict, he simpley answered “Don’t be afraid”. I have no idea what he meant by this, nor what he felt I was afraid of, either way, it was a very inappropriate response. At the end of the session, I immediately requested a refund. I filled out the contact form of the website as well I sent them an email explaining my concerns and requesting a full refund of the $9.99. To this date, after multiple emails and submittions of their online form, I have not recieved so much as a reply from them let alone the refund that they state clear as can be on their website that they offer should one not be satisfied. I have opened this complaint in order to get the refund that I am due as well as to make it known to the public to be cautious using this site as they very well may be the next in what I believe is a long line of people getting taken for their hard earned money. Sites like this should be shut down as they are nothing more then just scams. They are not adhearing to their refund policy and the service that they offer puts a mark on the rest of the community of sites that offer this type service legitimately. .

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