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Complaint: Livengrin was supposed to evaluate me for drug and alcohol use even though I have been sober for five years. This was all required by the Pa Real Estate commission because of my criminal record when I was young (misdemeanors) The assessment started out with no one knowing why I was there. They were suppose to contact PHMP about my case prior to my appoint ment. During the interview the women was rude, basically calling me a liar. All my answers in my opinion would result in an assessment that would require no treatment. Which means they wouldn’t get any more money from my insurance or the government for having me as a patient. One of the questions was what is your religion? I could tell when I told her I didn’t believe in god she was upset. I did not think this was even a legal question. She also asked what my blood sugar levels were that morning. I am a diabetic, and I told her that was one of the reasons I no longer drink. She said in all her years no one has answered questions the way I did. She’s lying, not me. Many people are forced to do these evaluations and don’t want or need treatment. all I wanted was to get a real estate license but the commission said I had to be evaluated to see if I still had a problem. Again I have been sober five years. All I want is to sell houses instead of working on them for the rest of my life. Bottom line Livengrin lies. She would not complete my evaluation without me running around to gather more information for her to try and make a case that I still need treatment. I have been trying to become a real estate agent for a year, but since I got a couple of DUI’s when I was a young man.

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