LiveWell LLC Lake Charles` Louisiana Review


Money Sucking Crooks: I ordered this over the phone. I was Not Interested in the Free Trail. I simply wanted a 1 month Supply to try. The rep assured me this was fine. I gave my Discover CC which was to be billed $49.95. The next thing I know I’m getting more in the mail and being charged on my Discover CC! I tried contacting LiveSkinny with no results…So, I promply emailed them. Once again I was sent the product. The packages were returned to sender. In the meantime I called Discover to stop payments! Livewell was able to continue to access my Discover. Discover “Investigated”” and found in Favor of LiveWell…Costing Me $150.00 for 3 Months of products. What is so difficult about “”ONE””…As in a ONEtime order. There is NO Fine Print when ordering over the phone. It’s a Scammmmm…Don’t be fooled.”

Boise, Idaho USA


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