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I’m usually not one to rant in public forums but I feel a responsibility to help spare others from the hellish experience I’ve had with what I’m sure most of you believe is an honest company. FYI, the LDS church has no affiliation with them and know they would never do so should they know of it’s inner workings.** Let me just say, I have nothing against the videos or any of the products. I grew up watching them and wanted my kids to enjoy them as well. What I experienced with the Living Scriptures company was nothing but dishonest, shady, and if not down right illegal, it most definitely should be. (P.s. I am not the only one this has happened to.) A salesman came into my home and gave me his sales pitch. I wanted my kids to enjoy learning the values and stories found in the DVDs and so I decided to sign up. I was very thorough in asking the salesman questions, trying making sure I knew what I was signing up for. I asked several times about cancelation policies and any other fine print items I should know about. He assured me several times that I understood correctly, that I could cancel after three days, with nothing out of pocket, and could cancel after that time as well, with no penalties whatsoever, I just would not get a refund on the $30 sign up fee and could not return any items I had received up to the time of cancel. During his presentation, he received a phone call from his “”son”” saying he needed to come pick him up as soon as he could. He then gave me the contract papers to sign, which is over 70 paragraphs!, and I continued to do my due diligence, reading over everything. He began rushing me, assuring me that I understood everything and it was just logistics we had already covered. I still kept reading and again he said, “”please, I’ve got to go, you can just sign, we’ve already gone over everything.”” Feeling like there might be some emergency regarding his son, I quickly signed, confident that with all my drilling and questions, I knew what I was purchasing. A few months and only a few dvd’s into the contract, my husband and I were going over finances, felt we wanted to cut some things from our monthly expenses and decided to cancel our subscription.

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