Liz Wiz – Bronx, New York New York


This woman called me asking for forgiveness after screwing with my husband. She said she would not be with him again because she didn’t want either of us to suffer but she is still with him and so am I because I forgave him because I did not want to throw away 10 years of marriage. He is wrong for doing what he did and so is she. She knew he was married and knew who I was. She said in her favebook she loves married men because she doesn’t have to do anything for them and she told me that she’s been with 15 men in 4 months and she feels bad that one of them was mine. I am so scared and had to take an std test to make sure I was okay because I have only had one partner since I’ve been with him. This woman is disgusting and is straight off the boat from Dominican Republic and I’m embarrassed of her and my husband for screwing with her.

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