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Complaint: Here is the issue I have been dealing with forover ayear!!! I had a 98 audi A8 that had a bad transmission. Our shop has used Route 16 (1-800-423-4006) for years and generally they had been a good company to deal with. So we ordered a low mileage used trans. with the (SUPPOSED) 1 year parts and labor warranty. well that trans was bad from the word go. So i contacted them and they said they couldnt locate one right away and it would be awhile.. I said no problem. about 2 months later the next one arrived. This trans atleast worked (sort of) the pump made noise and a moth later started slippling. So I called and said I was done trying to fix this car. ( the book gives you 16 hours to replace trans) I didnt want to wait another 2 months for another Trans so I asked for my money back. they agreed. I told them instead of removing the trans and sending it back they could just take the car (I thought that was nice on my part). So it has been going on about 10 months now and I have heard every excuse under the sun from the salesman (Matt ext.2833) And the manager (Bill ext. 2832) and last I spoke with Bill (mid November) they were going to send the truck to pick it up with a check for themoney they owe me. It is now January and they do not even bother toreturn our calls nowand have not picked up the car. I have been in the auto industry a long time and it is people like this that give us a bad name!! AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COST!!!

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Address: 4 Old Douglas Road webster, Massachusetts United States of America


Phone: 1800-423-4006

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