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Complaint: dear sirs. i am desperate writting to all available resources for help because i am in the middle of a terrible situation, a scam, with a china supplier, that promised to deliver diesel injectors to our company in usa after receiving the payment for the injectors. we sent a total of $24,810.00 on april 17th, 2015 to placed the order and on april 27th, 2015 we received a package with two door locks inside, not the injectors. since then, i have been sending them emails and called them, trying to find a solution, but nothing so far. apparently, mr. alex, the seller, have said that the package was changed when transporting in taiwan. i believe this is a scam, as of today the seller has not come to an agreement, i have demand refund of my money. i have also contacted my bank and they have open a case for an investigation. i dont know what to do, they stole my money. i would like to press charges against them and get refund of my money. i need immediate help, legal advise, but i have to get my money back and stop these people from doing scams to innocent people. please help. below is the information of the china supplier. YL-DIESEL CO. LTD ATT. ALEX Email: [email protected] [email protected] MSN: [email protected] Tel: 0086-134-59235368 Fax: 0086-594-2609266 Add: Xinggang Rd, Haicang District, Xiamen, Fujian, China.

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