Lois Reynisha Moore – Redlands, California California


So this was an Ex of his, she came over to the house in lingerie and drunk at 4am thinking she was gonna surprise him but found out he got someone new cause I was there. Her ghetto ass brought her friends over to act crazy with her after. She wanted him back so back she stuck around in the background and waited until him and I started having problems and then offered for him to move into her place so she could have him back. She would text him pictures and then she would hit me up and send me all there text and pix of him taking them out trying to hurt me so she could break us up just to have him back but always claimed she didn’t. While trying to get him back and mess up our relationship she was also sleezing around with multiple who were also in relationships too. She’s slashed my tires also while him and I were living together. She was a never ending nightmare. She also has herpes. This ghetto chick is out of control!

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