Lone Mountain Truck Leasing/Crestco Capital North Carolina


Complaint: *Steer clear of Lone Mountain Truck Leasing* This company sold us a truck “with a warranty”” which within 2 months needed thousands of dollars worth of repairs to major components that were “”covered up”” or temporarily repaired and then dangerous to drivers health and not covered by warranty that is complete garbage. Then company agreed to differing 2 payments due to repairs and when contacted to make the payments claimed “”computers down”” and said they would return call when they could take a payment because they could not at that time. In meantime truck was repo’d from home driveway with our 60k 5th wheel camper attached which was damaged in repo and then impounded and at great cost to me had to be picked up 100 miles away. Company still refused payments to reobtain truck unless now 36k balance was paid in full. Then insult to injury company will not realease all personal belongings in truck if bolted on. I.E. very expensive inverter

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