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TONS of people have lost lots of money with Loral Langemeier!! Search blogs for Loral Langemeier and Premier Mentoring and you”ll see people have lost between $4000 and $20, 000 or more on her wealth foundation program. Be grateful if you only lose less than $500, after that initial free book deal. Read more… “Wealth Foundation” program : Premier used strong-arm sales techniques, got real nasty and personal, especially when we wanted to say no. My husband and I signed up, and were assured that we would indeed know how to show a return on this investment within 90 days. NO REFUNDS possible after 72 hours. The classes were an absolute joke, with some older absent minded lady who was reading info that could be had for free with any state”s small business administration, and a couple of dry, outdated psychology lessons. We lost $11, 000… had no choice but to file Bankruptcy after Loral. They”ve PROFOUNDLY affected our lives and our child”s future. If I had to advise anybody on this, I”d say call your credit card company and report it lost – get a new one, and hang up if Loral or Premier Mentoring call with any “special invitations” to “change your life forever”. I don”t know if she still uses Premier or changed their name… This was two years ago for us, and we”re still reeling from it, so I thought I”d post my experience on any appropriate venue. I still can”t believe that nobody has been able to put her behind bars yet. She pays for LOTS of legal protection. I”ll bet she has to take meds to sever her conscience, and hire security for protection with all the money she has taken from people. I hope Karma knows what she has done to so many.

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