Lorena, Velasco Jackson, California California


My husband and I met at a bar, he was the bouncer, I had just been going there for years previous before he started working there and we hit it off immediately. He was married at the time, but SEPARATED, we agreed to wait till that was over and he was moved on, to proceed with our relationship (his marriage had lasted 15 years, he was 21 and she was in her 30’s with his first marriage, they divorced when he was 36 and she was 50, he had told me he had cheated on her once in the beginning) || We were together 2 years before marrying on Halloween in 2009. He stopped working at the bar, and we bought a house, and were trying to start a family. We suffered a loss of our baby and never quite recovered. I was completely and utterly in love with this man. I was 32 and he was 36 when we met. I had never loved anyone or had a committed relationship until him, I was sure love wasn’t out there for me until I met him, I use to say it was love at first site, and I never believed that crap. || In July of 2012 he started working for the same bar he worked before but it was rebought and remodeled to a dining/hotel establishment. He was doing maintenance and security there. He had told me about a girl he worked with in the deli but it never crossed my mind he was interested. He became very distant and saying he was going thru some mid-life crisis, (he had just turned 40). We celebrated our 3rd anniversary in October of 2012 but it was already starting to crumble. I asked for us to do counseling and he said no, it wouldn’t help. He moved out on me and our home in November of 2012 a month after our anniversary, but was still telling me he loved me, still sleeping with me and still telling me there was no one else and that he just needed some space and that we could still be together. || Then it all changed in February when out of the blue he called and said he was in a relationship with someone. I was broken hearted and devastated. But the worse was to come when I found out he and her had been sexting for months before he told me, I found her number on our phone bill, and within minutes I knew her name, her address, her Facebook, where she worked, what she drove, and what she looked like. Then I found out she worked with him and that this was the girl he had talked about all the way back in July. She is 25 years old, with a 3 year old and is now dating my 40 year old husband. They are both doing drugs, and have since both lost their jobs, and I call that karma! I kept the house we bought and most everything in it. I’m doing better now and he has nothing to show for his life but 2 failed marriages. I’ve included pictures of the whore who knew he was married, (she likes to start shit with me when she sees me and my friends in town). I look back and think I should of seen the warning signs from the beginning, they were there but like they say love is blind.

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