Lori Riga – Pepper Pike, Ohio Ohio


It’s not gossip. Ms. Lori Riga’s two HOMEWRECKING affairs are a matter of public record. See Cuyahoga County Domestics Relations Division in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. While she herself was married, she slept with not one but two married men – We’ll call them Robert and Tall Boy. Both women eventually found out. Both men eventually left their wives. Lori Riga began her first affair began in he summer of 2009. Riga was friends with both Robert and his wife. She met them at cycling class. She maintained her friendship with Robert’s wife while she was having the affair. Her and her boyfriend even went to dinner with their spouses, texting each other secret messages while the dinner was happening. When Bob’s wife found out, the affair didn’t end. Rather, Robert got a prepaid phone that couldn’t be traced so they could continue the affair while reassuring his wife that they were only friends. The two continued to cycle together and even had sex at Robert’s house in the marital bed he shared with his wife. Robert eventually left his wife for Ms. Riga in November 2010 and Ms. Riga was supposed to leave her husband as well. Riga never told her husband of her affair. Instead, she told her husband that she didn’t love him because of his issues and forced him to go to marital counseling – purportedly to save their marriage. But Ms. Riga never disclosed her affairs to their therapist. Instead, it seems clear that she used the marriage counseling sessions with her husband as cover to demonstrate that she “tried” to save her marriage (don’t pay any attention to that other guy under the covers waiting for me) and to rebut the likely conclusion that she and Robert left their spouses for each other. In early January 2010, she became close with Tall Boy – not only was he married, but he and his wife attended the same place of worship as Ms. Riga and her husband. For a significant period of time Ms. Riga pursued relationships with both Robert and Tall Boy. Ms. Riga denies that both relationships were sexual during that time. We believe her… don’t we???? Robert was suspicious of Riga’s relationship with Tall Boy. At some point, Robert went back to his wife. His last known words about Riga “She is a piece of sh*t and someday I will tell her so.” Riga continued her relationship with Tall Boy, exchanging hundreds of texts and calls each day, going on bike rides and attending cycle class together…. At some point in the Spring of 2011, Tall Boy’s wife became suspicious of Riga’s relationship with her husband and confronted him. Shortly thereafter (maybe a month), Tall Boy announced he was leaving his wife. The two continued to be “friends” but denied having a relationship. To the best of our knowledge, Tall boy left his wife in September 2011. The Riga and Tall Boy admit that they became sexually active in October 2011 but deny it happened any sooner than that… again, we believe them right??? Riiiiiiight. Tall boy left his wife with virtually nothing financially. Riga on the other hand, was able to secure over $6,000 a month in support because the court found that her two affairs had no relevance to her right to live as if she were still married to the man she cheated on… twice. After several years of an on and off again relationship with Tall Boy, Ms. Riga finally agreed to marry him. They are currently engaged and she expects his children to embrace her as if she didn’t break up their parents’ marriage. Here is the rumor part: apparently she is not being embraced the way she believes she deserves to be. In her mind, she has done nothing wrong… How did she justify her behavior during her divorce? She said this: “People don’t leave people for other people because the marriage is not working.” That’s a lovely self-serving quote, isn’t it? I guess Riga is just REALLY good at finding unhappy people and starting affairs… So if your husband suddenly starts texting Lori or going for bike rides… take note. Your husband might be about to be SUPER UNHAPPY IN HIS MARRIAGE.

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