Lori Riley – Bay City, Michigan Michigan


Lori Riley works for a small trucking company in Shepherd, MI. My boyfriend worked for this company during this time. Everyone who worked at this company knew my boyfriend and I was expecting a baby. Our son was born in Dec. of 2012. I noticed on the phone bill that my boyfriend was spending a lot of time on the phone and texting one phone number in particular. He drove semi truck over the road so he was gone a lot. When he was home on the weekends this number was not showing up. I texted the number asking who it was, only to get NO response. I knew in my gut something was not right. So, I pretty much begged and pleaded in text messages for this person who at the time I had No idea who it was to please tell me what was going on. Texted the number about how I was pregnant and that although we have had our ups and downs my boyfriend was telling me… || he loved me and wanted things to work out. Little did I know, he was telling Lori Riley the opposite! So, even though he was lying to her, she knew all about me being pregnant. This was around Nov. of 2012 my son was born in Dec. by April of 2013, I signed off the home my boyfriend and I had purchased to raise our son in and moved out. Not two weeks after she was moved into what was supposed be our home. We had even taken our son to my boyfriends place of employment after he was born for everyone to see. Now I know why all the office staff was looking at me kind of strange! I am sure they all knew about the affair Lori was having with Doug. As I stood there like a fool showing our son off to these people! I texted this woman a number of times asking her to please tell me what was going on not once did she have the decency to fill me in on the lies she was being told. In January of 2013, she posted on facebook how she lost the fight to keep her marriage of 24 years! So, she was also cheating on her husband at the time. Her sorry sappy post how she did not wish this on her worst enemy was a load of crap! Come to find out she cheated on Doug ha ha Karma is a b***h. She would sneak out when Doug was working and go meet her ex- husband, who also had a new girlfriend. Lori was trying to find other women to hook up and sex with her and her ex- husband. This all came out after things between her and my boyfriend did not work out. Lori Riley of Riley Racing is a true racetrack hoe!

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