Lorie Clinton -Lazo Le Grand, California California


My husband went to school with his whore. She has 3 boys and has been divorced 3 times. Lorie knew we had separated last summer(2012) we got back together after 7 weeks of being separated. She contacts him on FB she has put her status as being in a relationship with my husband and has tagged him at places in California mind you we live in Oklahoma. We have been together for over 10 years and have 3 beautiful children. This slut continues to text and call him at all hours of the day and night . She will call several times when he doesn’t answer she starts to text him. This home wrecking cunt tries to convince him to” come home” to her . Really this slut knows he is married . I have called her and told her to back the fuck off. Her response was we are together and in Love. Really tramp? How are you in a relationship with a married man who lives halfway across the country? Stupid bitch claims to be smart but if she can’t figure out that we are married and he wakes up in our bed and goes to sleep in our bed then she is dumb as f**k. He won’t divorce although this cunt has offered to pay for the divorce. Lets see how do we spell desperate? Lorie Clinton- Lazo is how. || This 47 year old bitch claims to be a”Christian women” wow I don’t know what church she was reared in but if being an Adulterer is what they teach, beware . This hoe lives in Le Grand California so all you women out there in the Central Valley watch you’re men!! This piece of shit text my husband nude photos of herself using her closet door mirrors showing her pig sty of a room . Geez she should learn homemaking before she tries to ruin someone else’s home. He doesn’t want photos of her ugly ass cats, dirty ass room and her different hairstyles. She is a real Psychopath . You would think this ugly ass piece of shit would get a clue. He doesn’t invite her to”his” house he doesn’t go to Ca to visit her . So does she think that sounds like love? Do I need to send this tramp pictures or videos of he and I? Maybe then this home wrecking cunt will back the hell off. Who really begs someone to call them and repeatedly sends them their phone number . This bitch calls and text from literally 9 pm until 6:30 am. All you home wrecking hoes is it really that hard to find a single man or do you just not want to be taken serious in a relationship? I guess this is how we can say stalker. A few words to Lorie the cunt Lazo stay away from my husband leave him alone, he doesn’t want your ugly pig nose self.

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