Lorraine Sobrado – Kissimmee, Florida Florida


I am reposting this because my least favorite homewrecker thinks by using different versions of her name she can avoid the publicity. So I want to make sure when she googles herself she is reminded of what a sk*** she is, and of the home and family she destroyed. So Lorrainne Sobrado-Torres aka Lorraine Sobrado-Torres aka Lorraine Sobrado aka lorrainnesobrad aka Lorrainne Sobrado (Coco) you can change your name and update your profile pictures all day long… but the internet will always remind you of your transgressions. I hope you change your name to his because that… that would be the best vengeance I will ever have; for you to end up with a bipolar, miserable, 52 year man with erectile dysfunction. That is the very best ending for this story and all I wish for you. Lorrainne Sobrado-Torres wrecked my 16 year relationship and 7 year marriage… || She met my husband at work at the Department of Veteran Affairs. Their “friendship” started when she was transferred from Puerto Rico to Florida because she was suicidal and a manic depressive, and her family had moved here. My husband, who is 13 years my senior and 15 years her senior, took pity on her having himself attempted suicide and being diagnosed as Bipolar. A situation that I dealt with and nursed him back from for many years. My husband actually took another position to make way for her to transfer from Bay Pines to Orlando to be even closer to her family and she took his position. What a nice guy and well thought out plan. She had the audacity to like our pictures on Facebook and comment on them. One day on his iPad, provided by our fine government I noticed Facebook messages appearing in his notification screen from her. They were very sexual in nature and actually pretty disgusting. I immediately confronted him and he admitted two a two year affair with her and going to hotels with her, which she apparently paid for so I wouldn’t see the charges. The very next day he filed for divorce and cleaned out our savings account to the tune of $20,000. When I confronted her she denied it, not realizing he’d already admitted it. The day he left our home to move back to his home state she actually posted on Facebook how good it feels to help someone find their happiness. She was so proud of what she had done. But wait there’s more, I am a Veteran and every time I try to make an appointment at my hometown VA in Orlando I get rerouted to the one in Viera. I cannot get the services I fought for at my VA because she happens to be an employee there; meanwhile she’s not even a Veteran. The affair continues as she is now friends with his family members, who don’t live anywhere near her on their Facebook pages and our divorce is not even finalized. She can have him, I got the best years out of him and he’s not half the person he used to be, but I will post this on here so when she has to be cleared for another security clearance to serve my fellow Veterans, her chain of command is aware of her low morals and bad choices. She doesn’t deserve to be in a public trust position and is so easily compromisable with her pitiful behavior. Karma always comes, but sometimes it needs a little push in the right direction.

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