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All Older Rich guys out there watch out for this gold digger money hungry LIAR! Michele Ryan uses guys I have seen it first hand and will lie ,cheat and steal your money and wipe you out! I have just recently learned a ton of stuff Michele has been to rich guys, Michele tells them whatever they want to here she is a great actress and has guys coming and going at her apt. since she moved in 5 months! Michele has been using guys to get there money I have recently recieved and confirmed Micheles background and what she has been up to for the past 12 years ! Lorrie Michele Ryan is a shool teacher by day and a prositute or call girl at night and weekends! Michele just moved here 1 year ago from Biloxi Mississippi and worked the Casinos and hotel pools trolling for rich guys to get money from them for sex! I have taken her to the airport at Hobby here in houston and dropped her off so she flys back every few weeks to Biloxi to go work the casinos as a con artist looking for her next mark to get into his heavy wallet in trade for arm candy and sex! Michele uses un pretected sex she doesnt care who she sleeps with I should know she been doing me also her nieghbor ! I have actully having sex with her in her apt while her paying rich men she is using are banging on her door! I always wondered why she has video camera moniter on her night stand watching the parking lot and fronts and garage doors? what girl does that in a gated apt complex ! Michele lives way beyond her meand she finds rich older guys she uses them for there money and doesnt care waht she does to them to get there cash ! I have letters from her past ex boyfriends I just recieved and talk to some of them on the phone where she ripped them off and faked fights with them all planned by her and called 911 on the last 4 and had them all thrown in jail saying they hit her ! So while they where in jail trying to get bail she stole money, clothes, the furniture she now has, fans,Jewerly and lots of cash!Michele Ryan is a rip off artist with looks of pratice as a hooker in Biloxi working the casinos she just got back from another money run came back all worn out! I live next door and she has unpretected sex with me telling me Im her new boyfriend and how crazy she is about me ! I see thru her game why would a 32 year old girl what to be with a old out of shape 53 year old guy? Humm lets see money??? Ah ya I have seen over the past 5 months 4 regulars marks or paying guys coming over to spend the night and leave with a happy ending putting cash in her purse! Its like a revolving door the camaras are like the tub clubs she doesnt answer if she is in bed with me or another guy she lies and says there her ex boyfriend who wont leave her alone! Michele has no frinds and nobody likes her I have not found one person who has anything nice to say! The reason why I writing this is because I have busted her lying and cheating on me ! And I have seen in her apartment some of the stolen items other guys have claimed stolen in there police reports againdt her filled against her! I have also learned she is on seruos meds and takes zanax to stay level ! Michele Ryan is a Liar and pure Gold digger who only cares about 2 tings in life money and herself and will do anything or anybody if you know what i mean sex for money! Guys Beware dont believe a word from this pro player , right now she doesnt know I know the truth about her she told me a few times when she was really drunk she works the casinos back home in biloxi !I have run back ground checks and she is from a trailer park trash poor very poor family and all she has is her looks! Kmow to the crazy part she is a elemtary school teacher by day her real job ! There no way she can live like she does on a 30k a year salary she told me so she rips guys of having sex with them for money lying and cheating on those poor suckers ! Michele is on several dates sites everyday looking for victums in the houston area !I wooried what she going to do to me know I have uncovered the trruth whats her scams are? I see other guys have reported her on complaint already thats why I decided to tell my story of what I uncoverd her!Michele is a school teacher at Whitemore elementary school in Houston tEXAS , TEACHING SPECIAL ED, HOW IS THIS GIRL ALLOWED TO TEACH OUR KIDS IN SCHOOL I HAVE NO IDEA! I have a 21 year old son I raised myself and if I knew my teacher was a prositute and ripping poor guys off in her player scams telling these poor guys how she loves them and cares about them sooo much is beyond me! Michele been tellingme the same stuff playing me to spend all my hard earned money on her wining and dining her for sex! Michele told me several times she hates teaching kids and she hates little kids period ! Itsall a act to her she doent care who she hurts or screws for money! Calling the police on poor inicent guys takes the cake for me ! Somebody need to do something have her throw in jail where she belongs for being a pure hooker ! Michele calls her her littl special ed kids her babies and she loves them so ! Thats all a act then she turns around the next day and tells me she hates kids cant stand them and sure wound not have any herselve! I believe in Karma one day something is going to give How does the school district have a suggar daddy gold digger call girl working the internet sending out naked pictures of herself on facebook and email be allowed to teach our kids in school? Im sure channel 13 news would just love this story to have the news cameras at her school getting anwsers from her and the school district on how she can afford a brand new 528 bwn a $1000 month payment a 55k car plus $400 a month insurance payment with a $1200 apartment rent plus bills she does work as a school teacher in the summer she been sleeping with me on the side of her travels back to make guys pay for her services in Biloxi ! Lets see she pays $2500 or more in bills plus she goes clothes shopping every day gezz she owns over 400 shoes i bet on a teachers salary ? Hello where is the I.R.S.? or the cops? I got a feeling the cops are going to raid her place soon with all the regulars she has going thru there ! Lorrie Michele Ryan is a school teacher by day in the fall and a hooker at night and doing me on the side! I have seen the stolen stuff her ex says she stole from him in her apartment thats why Im reorting her this just isnt right she needs to learn a lesson here! so All you guys out there run cut all ties Michele Ryan is pure bad news and hated by many I been wonder why she has no friends now I know !She makes tons of eneimies lying and cheating using poor nice guys for her own gain burning them in there wallets and her mom and dad support her and know all about what she is doing ! Micheles mon Delores Ryan coaches her I have heard her on the phone at her place while I was there !Thats terrible Tha mom is a user also looks like the apple doesnt fall far from the tree ! Michele has stolen money out of my place I been missing cash I made a mistake and left her in my place while I went to the store she is a pure little theif who is so greedy nfor guys money she will spread her legs for any fat old guys she can find to squeze a buck out off ! Look out im watching my back now thats to the pictures and emails I recieved recently gezzz she is the devil in a girls body !To be honest she is not that hot she has a big jello ass and huge fat thighs she weights over 160 lbs and is way out of shape she doent work out ! The only thing she has a pretty face and boobs and she knows how to get into your wallet and get you to pull out your cash for her ! Michele is breaking me already High maintance ! Her mother is huge also so Guys beware run get as far away as possible !Im going to be moving myself before she breaks the bank ! Read the other guys complaint she has the same pattern and scrip she is telling guys and stealing from them ! Michele is a con artist ,pure blow hooker posing as a school teacher in the clear creek school district!

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