Lowes, Bluefield West Virginia Review


I found a crockpot in a sale ad put out that that was to last 4 days so I ran to the closest store in Bluefield, VA to get it I searched for quit some time I read all the tags to see if I had missed it, but after calling over a sales clerk he informed me that they had sold out. What a bold fased lye. nSo I left there and drove to Pricetion, WV to get it were 5was told since they were a located store they didn’t receive most of the item in the ad. nSo I did a little ad for myselve and informed all my fellow teachers in Mercer County that Lowes lyes to get people into there stores. I even took pictures to prove they had no space for this item. Merry Merry to you I have sent 3 other emails with no response.. nI hate false ADS nKatherinenBluefield, West VirginiaU.S.A.

Bluefield, Bluefield, Virginia U.S.A.


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