Lowes home improvement Evansville Indiana Review


This Store is a complete Rip off. I bought an economy paint brush and a gallow of sealant for my deck. I purchased around 1pm in afternoon on 8/9/2010. The total sale was only 15.00. 12 dollars for sealant. and 3 dollars for a brush. The cashier didn’t ask me for a phone number. I’m young she probably figured I wouldn’t be returning the items. In the same sense a reciept wasn’t given. I came home pressured washed my deck. Of course letting it dry over night I didn’t apply the sealant. I was then directed to buy some better stuff for the deck at sherwin williams. Okay fine. I go to take back the items unopened and only a few hours later. I was told no problem. They take my id and then the lady states she will give me the money back on a merchandise card. I ask nicely if i can speak to a manager cause i don’t shop there. I would prefer cash. The manager says they can’t do that. He informs me he doesn’t have the authority or capablity to override the machine. Now I found that very hard to believe. I ask the manager to please only inform me of the policy and not treat me like a moron. If they don’t want to override the machine for fear of job loss or whatever then fine. But don’t treat me as if they aren’t able to. Anyways this was in the Lowes Home Improvement store on the west side of Evansville. I didn’t get the name of the manager however the store manager’s name is Russ Kozar.

103 S Red Bank Rd Evansville, Indiana United States of America



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