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I purchased 14 Bright Effects CFLs at Lowe’s and installed them in the master bathroom. So many of them burned out within the first year, that I started putting the date of installation on the replacement CFLs (also Bright Effects CFLs from Lowe’s). On the package of two bulbs, was stated that these bulbs would last five (5) years at something like 4 hours of use per day. That calculates out to be around 7,300 hours of use. The most recent bulb that failed was installed on 6/12/2011 and it failed on 01/12/2012. That’s seven months, not five years. Even assuming 5 hours of use per day, that calculates out to less than 1,100 hours. This is 85% less than advertised. If I was 85% off the mark in my business, I would be sued and out of business. The incandescent light bulbs I used before replacing them with the CFLs that were 3.5 times more expensive, lasted 1,800 hours or more, as advertised. I have not seen any reduction in my electric bill as a result of having these light bulbs in my bathroom.

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