LTS Chunchula Alabama Review


I just got a call from someone saying they are collecting for a company called LTS Loans saying in 2012 theyt deposited money into an old account of mine, it is Aug 2016! I did have a payday loan once and it was paid off but now this company is calling saying I owe them money and a legal action is against me blah blah.. I know this is fraud and not true and he said well get you an attorney because we are coming so I said come on! He said I had been mailed paperwork that I never responded to I said thats a lie, he said we have tried to contact you by email, again a lie! How can I stop these people. he said this is being recorded and if you can’t pay back a loan you shouldnt take out one and I said Ive never taken out a loan I didnt repay! I said well record this kiss my a*s because I dont owe a loan! And hung up! Oh he had called my moms number to reach me and I said calling my mother is harrassment and pressuring her for my number he said no its not! She didnt give him my number instead she called me and told me to call them. How crazy is this!???

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