Lubell Rosen


Steven Lubell and his corrupt law firm Lubell Rosen are a public menace. Lubell defends scumbag doctors who botch up medical procedures and cause patients to die or suffer horrendous injuries. He makes a living covering up incompetent doctors. Lubell Rosen and Steven Lubell are a bunch of predators. As part of their shyster practice of defending doctors who malpractice and kill people, they are involved in a racket with other attorneys who make a living of killing vulnerable adults under the guise of guardianship where senior adults who have financial assets are preyed on and fraudulently put into guardianship as a means to loot and extort their assets and isolate them from their families so they can be drugged to cause their death to cover up their criminal activity. | Lubell Rosen and Steven Lubell is a criminal enterprise. They are mobsters with a license to loot, lie, murder and extort. Shut this firm down. Boycott Lubell Rosen and Steven Lubell and warn the public of the dangerous menace.

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