Luke Johnson – Riverton, Utah Men


Luke met my wife years ago while he was married and flirted with her while he was supposed to be on duty. He only flirted with her on the job until a couple years later when she had some dramatic physical changes in her life and then he was interested beyond flirting. He was married the entire time and continued to pursue my wife once we left the state. Once he decided that his marriage couldnít be salvaged he then started pushing my wife to leave me. He lied to his family and said she was separated from myself or had plans to leave me to make it ok with his Mormon standards family which was far from the truth. I had no idea of any of this till we were out of state and when I found out I was furious. I made contact with him and found out he was a police officer in Salt Lake City and a claimed to be a good church going Mormon I was less than impressed. Over a 3 year period he pushed my wife to leave me and sabotage every attempt of us saving our marriage. Sending me personal emails claims no to be someone he wasnít and trying to make me give up so he could have his way with her. He is one of those guys that claims to be a great dude listens to other womenís marriage issues and then plays the cards of being a friend and caring but in reality he just wants to work a way in. He is very much the same kind of person he says he isnít. As he neglected his wife physically, emotionally and cheater on her. He is just one of those guys thatís preys on women swooping in wearing his uniform pretending to be a good guy but it is all an act. He has his own family fooled and friends. Once he had left his wife he then financed my wife leaving me and when she wouldnít leave me he pressured her to do so which lead to unfortunate incidents. He didnít give a crap about the effects on my wife or my son he simply cared about what he wanted and lied about me publicly to make it ok. So here you are Luke the truth for the world to see. Though this is the cliff notes of all the things you really did. Well it is a start and I always told you karma would get you one day and today is the start. All guys that see this if your wife is a runner, coworker or fellow church member your wife is not safe around this guy he is a wolf in sheeps clothing!

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