I rented out the club for $2500 and the agreement was that i get the door money back and all 5 vip tables was mine that included 3 free bottles. the bottles were for me, the DCP models, and XXL magazine. All the owner wanted was a picture with xxl magazine and the dcp models to go on her website and the bar money. So the night of the party i had my family members running the door -people i trusted with my money- but the owner ally said she wasn’t letting that happen because a party she had before someone took something from her, then she continued on to say she only agreed to 1 vip table and no free bottles. when i tried to talk to her while the party was going on she yelled cursed and total ignore our terms of agreements. after the party was over she tells me that there was only 198 people who entered the club. mind you i charged guys 15 and females to get in, things we not adding up what so ever.. I demand All im asking for is my money back that i spent on the rental, the models and the magazine people. I don’t recommend them

  • #Ally Fortier
  • #Ally Fortier

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