Luxe Revival, LLC. Review


Ordered on 4-20-18. 14 day Free Trail, Cancel within 14 days if not satisfied. | I received an email stating that the order had been recieved and would be shipping “soon”. | I received that product approx. 5 days later. I tried the product for 3 days and it left my skin feeling dry. I called on 5-4-18 to cancel the order. (14 days after order confirmation) I was told that it was too late as $89.97 had already been charged to my account. I was confused and not happy. | I’d like to add that no where in the original offer does it tell you what the cream will cost after the 14 day trial. You find out the cost information once you receive the order confirmation. I would not have ordered if I’d known the cost per month was $89.97 | After talking with the customer care person on the 5-4-18 and being firm that I needed a refund, he offered to refund 70% of the $89.97. I declined and wanted a full refund. I was given a RMA number for each of the two products I ordered. I was told that once the bottles were received, I’d be refuned the full amount. | I returned the bottles two business days later. I received confirmation that the pkg. had been recieved. I waited for my refund and nothing. I contacted the company via phone and was told that I had been given incorrect information during my first phone call. I was told that my 14 day trial had expired and that I would not be recieving a refund. I was also told that the company does not accept returns of opened bottles. So I spent money to return the product for no reason. | The 2nd operator was sted fast in her script and told me that I should have taken the 70% off offer from the original operator because now it was too late to get that offer. I hung up with no refund and no apology. | I’ve been contacting their customer service department for approx. 10 days now with not resolve. They still say that I waited too long to cancel and my charge will not be refunded. | In my math: 4-20-18 to 5-4-18 is exactly 14 days later. Plus, the item wasn’t even shipped on 4-20-18, per their email. | The product is not good and the customer service is not good. SCAM !!!


  • Name: Luxe Revival, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Phoenix
  • Address: P.O. Box 29208
  • Phone: 855-204-9566
  • Website:

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