Luxella Katy Texas Review


I placed an order for outdoor furniture, and spoke with Francisco about delivery times etc. I went back and forth between Luxxella and another online retailer to make a decision. When I confirmed my order with Luxella, I did not notice my shopping cart had remembered my ealrier choice and I inadvertently ordered 2 sets. I immediately called Francisco who achkowledged the error and stated he would issue a refund which would take 3-4 days. I was happy, and the order went through. My set arrived in good condition and I sent a note back to Francisco to say thanks and remind him of the refund. I then waited a week, and called. Could not get Francisco again. In fact, I still have not been able to get him. My emails go unanswered and I have had no refund. 33 days later. I went to my credit card company, AMEX. They initiated a dispute and have also had no reposne from Luxxella. The dispute is still pending, and I am getting the feeling I am going to get nowhere. Then, on 24th March a bunch of California based charges were made on my card, and it would seem my credit card information was leaked and used. Again, I am trying to get AMEX to help, but finding this a futile task. I feel now that I must file a fraud charge with the police as I have no choice. Use another company, this one is no good.

13126 S Broadway Los Angelea, California USA


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