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Just like many others who I have read about on the internet, I have fallen prey to a scam by LUXSTYLE Int. I don’t know how they got my information, but I was sent product that I did not order and sent a bill which stated that I would need to pay $100.00 in the next 14 days to avoid collections or late payments. Through many emails to the company (during which I asked for proof of my ordering said product and asking for key business information), I was given nothing but replies that I was not complying witht their option of returning the product (at my expense) for them to close my file. | This must be how the company makes their money. Whether the information was keyed in by you or not, they are able to send you a package that they say you ordered (as you must register to find out any information on the product— I looked this up after the package mysteriously arrived at my house) It is only after you put in your information, you find out how much the product costs (which is highway robbery) and you get an email saying that your product is being shipped to you. I had the foreknowledge to not give my real name, real address and I did not register at my home IP address. This was the only way to find out how they run their scam, was to scam them myself. | So, on how they do it. You see, this is how they make their money. They send you a package that you did not order and your only options are 1) mail it back to them at YOUR expense 2)not pay it and incur late fees and they threaten collections and 3) file a fraud report with your local police. Well, most people don’t have the time or money to do the second or third option, and this is what they are hoping for. But on principle, since I didn’t order it, I refuse to pay for it to go back either. However, most people don’t have the time to do any of the options, so it’s just easier to pay the invoice, maybe try the product and hope for the best that this entire thing just goes away. This is exactly what they are hoping for, that they make it so much work for you, that you just pay the invoice to avoid any further bother on your part. | Even when you do tell them that you contacted authorities and filed fraudulent charges against them… they do not close your file. They then threaten you with collections, even though the product has a 60 or 90 day money back guarantee if for any reason you do not like the product. So my advice to you if you get this shipped to you is file a complaint online, one with your Better Business Bureau, and anti-fraud agency. Then email them and tell them you were unhappy with the product and want a full refund. There are scam alerts and poor reviews ALL OVER the internet for this product and company. Look them up and you will see!


  • Name: LuxStyle NL
  • Country: Netherlands
  • State:
  • City: Denmark
  • Address: Postboks 1158 Odense C
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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