Luxury on Lovers Julie Elkins Dallas Texas Review


, Julie Elkins is a monster & by far the rudest woman I have ever encountered and she needs to be FIRED. ASAP! Luxury On Lovers already has a 4/4/14 yelp complaint against them written about their customer service , so why is Julie still employed there?!!!I scheduled an appt online on 1/19/16 for a hydrafacial and Botox on 2/3/16. I received a phone from Ms. Elkins at 10:30am 2/2/16 informing me that the appt needed to be changed bc of the procedures. I asked her to flip the procedures and she said that couldn’t be done. I tried to reschedule the procedures and that couldn’t be done. Every option I gave this woman could not be done. Not only could she not accommodate my requests, she waited until the day before to tell me, and did it with a very VERY nasty attitude. I ended up canceling the appt & spending my money elsewhere. Julie & the staff at Luxury on Lovers had WEEKS to contact me and let me know. Instead, she is lazy and chose to take a condescending tone and hung up the phone on me when I pointed out their oversight! I am sick of customer service employees treating customers like dirt just bc they messed up & they cannot own up to their mistakes! That tactic accomplishes nothing and it’s not like I can’t go to the LOL location and tell her exactly what I think about her work ethic to her face. You, Ms. Julie Elkins, are a joke. You are a sad, pathetic, pompous tramp and anybody could do your job. I challenge Lisa C to replace you bc you are bringing that company down & you are detrimental to their brand. It’s time for you to go!

4703 W. Lovers Lane Dallas, Texas USA



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