Luxury Timeshare Resale, LLC Dallas Texas Review


My husband and I purchased a timeshare in 2005. Since we have been so busy, we have not been able to use it. We have been in the market to sell. Somehow this Luxury Timeshare Resale, LLC company got our name and number. They were very convincing. We had our timeshare listed for sale with another company. So when they call and tell us they have a buyer on the line, we bit. Unfortunately, it was an elaborate scam. Like idiots, we were super excited to be selling the timeshare we had been unable to utilize. The hard pressed sales pitch was intoxicating. They were so very professional and convincing. They stated that they would require earnest money to schedule a closing date. They would call at 3pm on a Friday. They never called. They still will not answer our calls. No closing, no sale. We are in the process of legal action, however, I do not believe we will ever get our money back. Please, do not let them do this to you. They are out of Orlando Florida. After surfing and digging, I have found that millions of people all over the world are getting taken advantage of by all the Florida telemarketer scams. If you have a timeshare, rent it our yourself or try to sell it yourself. Don’t let anyone try to tell you they can sell it or rent it for you. If you do not have a timeshare, do your research intensly before purchasing one.

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