luxury villa Group scottsdale Arizona Review


i am posting this as a blatant Rip Off, Rob McGrath and Peter burns the 3rd are perpratating a big bait and swith regarding lodging and luxury goods and services. My company had an agreement wit this collection of and every charge we accepted oh their behalf charged back thier credit cards because they didnt get what they were promised! They have left us with 9,000 in charge backs and wont even make an attempt to pay this money! they Lie the cheat and basically are Immoral Humaqn Beings that care only about their Enrichment! dont fall for thier travel loding scams..they have no inventory, they prowel VRBO ans white labe other peoples properties. They use allite alliance, quintess, and travel keys inventory which they DO NOT have access to If anyone has been ripped off by these losers feel free to contact me, I have all the prrof one will need!



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