Lyndsay Nichole Blalock – Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee


This woman, who has a teenage son, spends her free time preying on married men rather than raising her son. It’s apparent that she has ZERO morals, values and/or standards because ANY single mother would respect the importance of family and therefor would NEVER do anything to jeopardize another woman’s family or God forbid young children’s family. The last 3 men she has had relations with have been married or in long-term relationships. ALL WITH 1 OR MORE CHILDREN. She finds men that are in struggling relationships, promises them a life that no other woman (nor herself) can offer, entices them with sex and gifts, convinces them to leave their family… only to start sponging off of him after a few months. The man is unable to pay child support or visit his children because she keeps him strapped for cash and once his money is depleted or he loses his source of income she’s on to the next victim. In no way am I trying to disregard the man’s role in all of this because any loving, commited family man would not allow her to manipulate them. HOWEVER, any woman who has been in a long term relationship with children KNOWS that occassionaly things become a little stale and redundant so a woman like Lyndsay Blalock could easily take advantage of such a situation AND SHE DOES!! So if you are in the Nashville/Franklin, TN area WATCH OUT!! Shes never stayed with a man longer than 1 year so he’ll come back begging.

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