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Lyon Polk of Polk Wealth Management is a Fraud

Donít hire Lyon Polk. Youíll regret the decision because he doesnít respect his clients and is too full of himself. 

Lyon Polk is the Managing Director of the Polk Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley. He is also a fraudster who claims to provide a Ďunique experience to clientsí but that experience is filled with disrespect. I had hired the Polk Wealth Management Group with a lot of hope but they disappointed me on all aspects. Never have I felt so disrespected and dejected with a finance advisor, so I donít think anyone should waste their money by hiring the ď#1 Wealth Advisor of the nationĒ. 

I had hired Lyon Polk to handle the finances of my family and the estate. We were looking for someone with experience in wealth management and no one seemed a better choice than him. Lyon has received numerous accolades and awards, so I didnít question his credentials for once. Even in the meetings before he got our account, Lyon was very well-behaved and understanding. I couldnít have ever thought that he would turn out to be such an egoist. 

During our meetings, Lyon never shuts down his phone. This is a serious issue because he constantly gets calls or messages from other people, including other clients and his staff. Itís also very disrespectful because in my whole career, I have never seen a financial advisor who prioritizes his or her phone over the client. I had objected to this tendency of Lyon at the very beginning, but he ignored it. He didnít care at all.

He is so full of himself that he doesnít even bother to check how his client is responding to his behaviour. Lyon claims to provide specialized investment opportunities but thatís all rubbish. I wonder why he spends so much time on the phone. Surprisingly, he never picked up my calls. I thought he would behave better on call, but I never got to talk to him through a phone. So Iím quite certain that he simply wastes his time and his clientís time by talking to a pal or a buddy during a meeting.  

During one of our meetings, Lyon picked up a call from his home and I was talking to him about several investments I was looking into. At first, I thought it was an emergency but when I realized that he was indulging in chit-chat, I felt disrespected. I asked him if the call was about something urgent, but he ignored my question. There are many things wrong with that guy but most importantly, itís his attitude. 

My family was paying them a heavy fee for their services and I couldnít get even get a proper meeting with him. I was frustrated with his phone calls solely because it would waste my time and Lyon would usually spend at least 15 minutes on the phone. Now, Iím not a freeloader who has hours to spare, I have my own businesses to run. But Lyon doesnít seem to care. I think he is overconfident that no matter what he does, his clients wouldnít leave him. Why? Well, that could be because of his reputation in the market and the goodwill he has. Before I had paid those people $XXX,XXX, I also thought Lyon was the guy everyone claimed him to be. But after those painful meetings, I came to the realization that Lyon is just a fraudster who has created a fake reputation in the market so he can attract clients. 

For Lyon Polk, phone calls are more important than clients. He would talk on the phone for 15 to even 20 minutes during a meeting while ignoring the client completely. It is common for him.

Why Did I Hire Lyon Polk?

As I mentioned before, Lyon Polk is the Founder and Managing Director of the Polk Wealth Management Group. He is on Forbesí list of Top Wealth Advisors, Barronís Top Wealth Advisors, and has won multiple awards in his career too. Apart from the Polk Wealth Management Group at Morgan Stanley, Lyon is also a part of the companyís Wealth Management Advisory Cabinet. He comes from a respected family and serves ultra high net-worth families. As anyone can see, his credentials are way too impressive. Thereís no reason to doubt his services when you see his resume on paper. But in reality, Lyon lacks in providing proper service to his clients. He is so full of himself that he doesnít care what his client wants or thinks. 

Lyon Polk and The Polk Wealth Management Group Behave Horribly

When I had complained about Lyonís behaviour with him, he acted as if he didnít hear anything. He ignored my complaint and started talking about something else. I told his firm that I no longer want their services, so they started sending one of their people to my office regularly. They didnít want to lose my familyís account and hoped that I would meet with that random person and reconsider my decision even when I had made my decision. 

When it comes to Lyon, that man never apologized for his negligent behaviour. He would waste my time, my money, and my energy while enjoying chatter with someone else.

After firing Polk Wealth Management, I decided to look into this company and figure out if others have had any painful experiences too. It turns out, people have complained about his services before and when you move on from Barronís and Forbes, you can find those complaints. 

Thereís one takeaway from my Lyon Polk review: DONíT HIRE HIM!

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