Macie Jo Dimperio – Patchogue, New York New York


So I just found out this “woman” Macie Jo Dimperio has been hitting and seeing my husband for some time! Even making blatant and public posts on facebook showing that they were obviously more than just friends! When I confronted her about it she acted like she was dumb and that I was over-reacting. Even saying that there must be much more wrong with my relationship if I was accusing her of things she wasn’t doing… when she was! When I confronted her a second time about it after all of her lies about them hanging out and what not she tried to say I was crazy for even contacting her a second time. Like uhm no. My husband has lost me and his daughter, but this slut knew about me and our daughter and still pursued him! God knows what happened in the day and night that they hung out and I could care less! Just be aware ladies in Patchogue, NY this girl will try to push her butch ugly ass nasty face in your husbands lives so beware!

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