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In May of 2015 we needed under-cabinet lighting. Found company Macleds online. Owner Kimberly Nash. Contacted her about lighting. Made purchase using our company Visa card. Business completed in May. Did NOT give her permission to keep our card number on file for any reason. On September 23rd, 2015 she made a purchase of $580.42 with Macleds (her company). This purchase showed up on our monthly statement. I contacted her and asked her to investigate why this purchase was made and asked her to refund our $580.42. She said she would check it out. Finally, after many attempts to follow up with her, on October 19th, 2015 she contacted me by email and here is her statement: | “Hi Stedson. I’m sorry, I am in Iowa, we have had a family emergency. On Thursday afternoon, I did confirm the charge. They said that it looked like your credit card number had been associated with an account that was not yours. That account has been deleted and set up manually with the correct information and we do not have a credit card file associated with your original account so this can never happen again. We have a new credit card processor as of this month so we are determining how to credit you. For the purpose of simplicity, would a check be ok? Thanks, Kim.” | We told her that a check would be Ok. On 10/27/15 she emailed: “Hi Stedson. We have scheduled a check to be sent out this Friday for $580.42. I will send tracking at that point. Thanks, Kim.” No check arrived. We made efforts to contact her all unsuccessful. On 11/03/15 she emailed: ” Hi Stedson, I have a check ready for you. I can UPS it today and send tracking. Thanks Kim.” No check arrived. No UPS tracking sent to us. | On 11/05/15 she emailed us: “Hi Stedson, I have been in the hospital for a little while but I have the UPS number and I have someone taking it over. I apologize for all the inconvenience.” | Repeated efforts to track from the tracking number Kim Nash provided have been futile. I contacted UPS and they told me she had generated the number online and had not given UPS anything to deliver to us. It was all just a continuation of this FRAUD. | Her toll free number: 1-888-908-3521 never has anyone available to speak with. No human voice. Her Fax: 1-585-672-6134 seems to work. We send faxes to her daily. No reply or result. Her personal phone: 1-630-450-0112 is never answered and her mailbox is always FULL to prevent leaving messages. | All we want is the $580.42 she stole from us


  • Name: macLEDs
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Pittsford
  • Address: 21 Split Rock Road
  • Phone: 888.908.3521
  • Website:

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