Maddison Nueville – Linden, Michigan Michigan


Soooo… this creature right here Maddison Nueville was living with her boyfriend Trevor in a trailer park called Kensington Park. It was summer out and my boyfriend of 7 years, father of my 2 children was redoing her neighbors roof. It was then that she took the opportunity to prance around in her bikini outside and give him her number. When I saw her blowing his phone up one night I decided to call, I asked who she was and she asked who I was. I told her I am his girlfriend of 7 years and we have 2 babies together and weve live together so to please leave him alone. She said she had no idea but that didnt stop her. She continued on blowing his phone up, telling him to come see her, and that she loved him. She told me she has cancer and shes pregnant which was a lie and she still continued on contacting him and being a homewrecking liar with no class or morals. I decided to message her boyfriend about it because Id want to know if I was being cheated on… then she messaged me and got pissed that Id message him. Watch out for this broad, she spreads her legs to anything that pays attention to her and doesnt care if hes taken with a family at home. Congratulations on being a HOMEWRECKER

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