Maggie Malone – Monaca, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


My friend was married to a local cop for 7 years and this†HOMEWRECKER ended up destroying this marriage because she is obsessed with cops… not just cops but married cops! This is the second police marriage she has ruined and she was engaged to another cop when she started sleeping with my best friends husband. She conviently meets these officers while at work in the lab at a local hospital. When they bring in DUIís for blood draws she spends the whole time flirting with the officers. This apparently has been an ongoing issue as she was supposedly reprimanded at work about her behavior. And yet she continues to do it. My best friend and her husband have a son together and she had no regard for their family. To be honest her husband is a piece of sh*t too but for her to make a habit of going after married police officers is disgusting. She is the true definition of a home wrecker.

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