Maggie Neuberger – Camp Hill, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


This so called women stole my boyfriend from me and lied about it over n over again. She’s known around the York area as a scum dirty ass whore! She’s easy and it shows.. Bitch thinks she can get away with this how do you like this media? This was the man of my fairy tale dreams I had plans with his man, this women a heartless sad excuse for a human being hopefully she doesn’t raise her daughter to be anything like her … Gross!!!! She needs some serious help almost beat the shit out of him when she was mad that I was with him when we went out a few weeks ago for drinks with his friend. It’s disgusting the way that she carries herself. She destroyed my life and his family has some feelings about HER and the situation as well!! If I ever see you around I hope you have more to say to me than that ghetto shit you were spitting before. Like an IM SORRY. Middle finger to you you scum dumpster no wonder your ex cheated and yes he told me that!!!

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