Magical Dream Escapes Green Bay Wisconsin Review


On June 7th 2008. My boyfriend was contacted by a represtentative of Magical Dream Escapes who said we could get the best deal on vacations, $1000.00 shopping spree voucher and Airline ticket vouchers with their company. I told her we were not interested and that it sounded like a scam but she insisted they were a well known company with a perfect report with the BBB. So silly me I gave in and agreed to a monthly payment plan. A couple days later I decided to on on to and search Magical Dream Escapes. And to my surprise the had multiple complaints on Ripoff So I called Magical Dream Escapes and spoke to a man named Doug and told him I would like to cancel my vacation package, that I had seen the many complaints on Ripoff and that I was leary of their company. (Doug or Dan) assured me that all of the people who had made complaints on Ripoff were crazy, bored people who just wanted to bring their company down and that he had given all of those people their money back. He followed in telling me that if I were dissatisfied for any reason I would get my money back so I felt ok if I’m not happy there will be no problem in getting the money I invested in this for my familes vacation back. Well needless to say I paid off the vacation and he I thought I was going to get a package full of vacation planning info I received a book of what look to be travel coupons everything is not included in the price I paid foir these vacations I have to pay taxes at every destination, the $1000.00 shopping voucher website you have to pay the shipping which is $200.00 and up per item you order and I never received my Airline Vouchers. So I called Magical Dream Escapes told them I wasn’t happy with the book I received in the mail and I wanted my money back. (Doug or Dan) told me that he didn’t think they gave refunds onad that he did not remember telling me that they would refund my money back to me if I were dissatisfied, he said he would give me a call back after checking into it. The next day a woman from the company called me back. I asked her why she was calling instead of (Doug or Dan) she said that there would not be a refund she wasn’t sure why (Doug or Dan) told me that because he is a manager and should have known better. I told her since I had not talked to her about the issue I needed (Doug or Dan) to call me back. Well (Doug or Dan) called me back later that night and said that their corporate office wanted to know why I wanted a refund I told him everything I had told him before at that point he said the corporate office was closed and that he would talk to them and get back to me tomorrow. Tell me why the woman called me back not an hour later “(Doug or Dan) said you wanted me to call you back?”” No I said he said he would call me tomorrow after he spoke with the corporate office. She said we already did that and they said no refund. At this point I am sick of going around in circles with the both of them so I hang up the phone on her. Seriously I think it’s only the two of them in the whole place there is no corporate office ripping people off. They never answer the phone you always have to leave a message and they will call you back. What kind of company is this? Please if you have read this entire thing DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!! nMichelle AndersonnGreen Bay


1025 East Suite 11 Hallandale, Florida U.S.A.


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