Magistrate Rita Urgate Review


Rita urgate, scream and insult mother in court. The magistrate ugarte, rita proceeds aggressively with those not protected by a lawyer. My son suffered sexual abuse last year by stepfather. The case was deported to the police and the police directed to the child protection. Child protection did not give attention to the case for lack of health plan. The child is not the main concern and yes Who will pay the bill)… And by the high demand of cases like this, my son has not been serviced. Court denied the restraining order | immediately the stepfather entered the custody request in the minor. The child is initiating the therapy program and magistrate simply did not want to hear a professional report before deciding on the medor guard. Mother did not have a lawyer to assist her and urgate, rita abused the power against this mother who was fighting for the child’s safety. This magistrate was probably bought by stepfather that is well-sussed. | this case is a real shame for those who are really the law. | the law are to be fair and correct. Not bought | magistrate urgate, rita chould see the facts before give a child in the hands of an aggressor andrew de los santos | | | | | ////


  • Name: Magistrate Rita Urgate
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • Address: 212 SE 8TH TERRACE
  • Phone: 954-793-3684
  • Website:

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