Maiah Brooke Dixon – Jacksonville, Florida Florida


She decided she would get bored and start messaging my husband at night. She plays the poor me card. “Poor me my boyfriend cheats on me”. Husband’s apparently fall for this mess. She then proceeded to try and have a 2 month relationship with a married man and father, knowing that he is married. Not only that but I was informed she says she is allergic to latex so they can’t use condoms. When asked if she used condoms says it’s none of the wife’s concern. She has total disregard for the health of others. She has total disregard for the well being of an entire family. She now wants to play mind games by claiming she is pregnant but isn’t sure by whom. One minute she wants to keep supposed baby, the next she wants to get rid of it. If she was pregnant she probably shouldn’t be having unprotected sex with multiple people and binge drinking. Mind you, she seems to prefer married coworkers. That’s right ladies, if your husband works with her BEWARE!

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