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Complaint: New tire center riped me off of a 100$ there was a mechanic by the name of jesse came to check my car out he told me I needed tire rodes so I said ok if I get the parts how much will u charge me to put them on he said 100$ I said ok so I came bck the next day to give him da parts to get my car fixs cone to find out this a*s hole never put the rodes on my car and had me kids waiten for two hole hour for this man to d**k me out my I no he didnt put them on because my boyfriend took my car bck up there because it was acting.up sinces dude touch it he gave my boyfriend the rides he charge to put on my car.dude how u charge somone for work that you didnt perform…..Hello so in tbat case I wont my money back assp he told me he will give me 50$ no yhanks I wont my money for my tire rodes that I cant take back my 100$ that I paid him and all the money I put in my car fixing something he missed up.

Tags: Mechanics

Address: 3525 n.main st Dayton,ohio 45405 Dayton, Ohio United States of America

Website: Issa%[email protected]/

Phone: 9372784836

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