Makayala Turnen – Aberdeen, Washington Washington


This girl Makayala Turnen is a homewrecker by many different ways. She will sleep with anyone and suck there D**k for a bag. She Has two kids she does not see or take care of. My fiancé and I have been together for awhile, She has tried for a very long time to be with him claiming she has changed and she loves him and would do anything for him. I caught the messages and confronted him and he called her and told him to leave him the hell alone. after a few months of her getting out of jail, she continued to obsess over him. Don’t worry before everyone says blame the guy, i very much so blamed both of them. But anyways, Come to find out when he was gone often it came to my conclusion that they had recently slept together, and she sucked his d**k keep in mind while she had a boyfriend of her own. I would have never truly had anyway to prove it except for her smart ass mouth, and the fact they were dumb enough to record the encounters. Multiple times.  She can message me saying she she gunna kick my ass and sleep with him again all she wants, but he isn’t going to be dumb enough to make that mistake again.

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