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She had an affair with my husband since I was 6 months pregnant. Knowing he was a married man. Knowing he had a pregnant wife. She is also married. In January with a newborn my husband leaves me. Abandons me and our child moves to waco to be with her. She left her husband. She has the nerve to write me an email… || Original message—— From: Makensie Hall Date: Sat, Apr 7, 2018 9:45 PM To: [email protected]; Cc: Subject:Cassie Cassie, I debated whether to write this to you for quite sometime. And Iíve finally just decided that it may or may not help but Iíd rather get it out now than wonder if this email couldíve ďfixedĒ things. I want to start with an apology. Because you deserve one. Woman to woman, I couldnít imagine. And I am so so sorry. I never imagined my life would be this. I had it all laid out perfect for me. A career I loved, a loving family, and even more a loving husband who I always imagined a family with. My sister is divorced with a almost 5 year old, and my brother almost married to a woman with a 4 year old. I was always so grateful my family would be easy. I would never have to deal with the every other weekend, sharing my Christmasí, or dadís not showing up when theyíre suppose to. But none of that even mattered to me anymore even though I had a man that would be more than great at being a husband and a father. But it wasnít IT for me. After 7 years with him, most of them with very little complaints, I felt a loss. Don’t get me wrong.. I wasn’t looking. That’s not how this happened. It just did. It just happened. But I found someone.. that truly made me believe in myself, who inspired me to be greater. Overtime I knew it was all wrong and I didnít deserve his comfort or the feelings he was giving me. I was the other woman. And I hated myself for it. Not to mention I had a husband at home. But I thought about you more. And I heard plenty about you. He never had one negative thing to say. He admires every trait you posses. We never sat around and talked badly about yíall. We knew we had great people to go home too. But we were selfish. And whatever it was, we couldnít quit. I am not an evil person. Somedays I have complete guilt and remorse for the sin in my life. And somedays I donít.. But almost everyday I do ask for forgiveness. And I hope one day you can forgive the both of us. Pt. 1 of The kids. This part I definitely want to make clear and to never be discussed again because it is no ones business but my own. I have never said that I donít want kids, and Iím sorry that this somehow got back around that I donít want children and it confused you. But it is absolutely no concern to you. And I donít mean to be harsh but me wanting children has nothing to do with anyone but me. It is a VERY personal thing to me. — I have 2 nieces and 2 nephews under the age of 5 and I love them to pieces. The decision to have children is completely up to me. And Iím 100% positive he will be along with any decision I make. It may hurt you to think about, this is the only reason you would bring it up every chance you get. But neither him nor I will address the subject again. And I would appreciate it if you kept the subject mute also. Pt. 2 of The kids. Never have I ever even thought in my mind that I want ďyourĒ baby and as long as I have your husband and your baby I wonít need my own. This has got to stop. This is just drama and not true. Iím so happy for the two of you. I know you said it was hard for you to get pregnant and I am so happy you got the baby youíve always wanted. I was never the girl who wanted a baby right off the bat. 7 years later and we werenít trying to have one. I know you are a great mother, and so does he. Itís what you were made for. I donít know you but I do know that. And I know you love her and will protect her the rest of her life. And so will he. He is also a great dad, and I know you know that. The both of you cared for Anthony the past few years and I know he is forever grateful for the love youíve given the both of them. My goal isnít to take Elizabeth nor Anthony from you. They both will love you in a way they will never love me. You are Elizabethís mother and he is Elizabethís father. I will always encourage him to be there and to try. When heís making a poor decision to guide him to the right one, as Iím sure you did with Anthony and his mom at times. Iím willing to talk to you and help you with what you need. And Iím also willing to leave you alone if thatís what youíd prefer. But Iím not going anywhere. And I just want you to know my intentions for these kids are good and I would never disrespect you as a mother. You have all of my respect as a parent and so does he. Him. Itís got to come to an end. I do not expect you to care if I hurt. Because I know my hurt will never measure up to yours. But you are bringing him along for your emotional roller coaster and he does not deserve it.Take it out on us but not him. He doesnít need to know every detail anymore. Whatís done is done. But telling him I said I donít want kids, or that were trying to have a baby and not use protection, is absolutely ridiculous. He doesnít need to hear any of it. And itís selfish of you to try to bring him down with you. He is a person. A real person, with grief, and heartbreak, and real tears. And just because you have to deal with this the rest of your life, he doesnít. He gets to move on. He gets to start over. Let him. Let him heal. I wrote, and re-wrote this several times. And tonight I have the courage to send it. I hope you donít take this in a harsh way. But I am trying to be frank. Iím not the other woman anymore and I donít plan on going anywhere. I will respect your wishes with Elizabeth, but please donít keep her from him. I will continue to encourage him that you will say yes and you will let him see her. I believe you want their relationship to grow. And he misses her everyday. As of now Iím choosing to keep this letter from him but I do have to get your email from him so he will know I emailed you but Iím choosing to keep whatís inside between you and I. As I hope you would do the same. But if you decide to share it I wonít hold it against you. . Maybe this is too much too soon and Iím over stepping. Iím not sure what I thought this could ďfixĒ other than I wanted you to know that I am sorry, and I would never step in the middle of you and Elizabeth or him and Elizabeth. But I do promise to love her. And you. As his family. And I thought it was important to tell you because Elizabeth is the most important one in all of this. And Anthony. And our”drama” should never affect them. I wonít message or try talking to you again. I will wait till youíre ready. I will give you time. || She is a wedding planner in Waco. He is a wedding DJ. They now live together in Waco.

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