Makiesha Marie Bilbey – Indianapolis, Indiana Indiana


This trash bag had an affair with a married man and ended up moving into their home. She kicked out his pregnant wife, tried going through her personal belongings, even so much as to pack up his wife’s lingerie. His wife just became pregnant after YEARS of trying and this trash bag decided she wanted her life. She spent weekends at their home when wife was visiting family. Wouldn’t even put it past her that she put on the wifes clothes and wanted to be called her name. She has two poor kids who she drug into this mess and she gave them the bedroom of the child of the first wife. She uses prescription drugs on this child so she can play house without her being awake and “getting in the way”. Best part of all is first wife is dishing all dirt. Husband was cheating also on Makiesha by hooking up with his wife when they were “seperated”. Telling her Makiesha is only his meal ticket.

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