THIS IS A NEW LUXURY MALL WEBSITE with an opening of 28 days ago. I am a lux dealer on line for many years and they have stolen many of my product photos, entire description and have listed the items on their site. My items are high end Tiffany items and they are offering to see this inventory for pennies on the dollar. i.e. $1800 necklace for $350.00 They have close to 15,000 items for sale and a majority of the inventory is Louis Vuitton, Chanel handbags and jewelry. All photos are taken fromother stores. Sales are skyrocketing with 400 sales for one item. NOT SURE IF THEY HAVE ANY INVENTORY AS THEY ARE SELLING OURS WHICH THEY DON’T HAVE. If they do finally ship it will to fake. Some items are not new inventory but high end resale and estate items. May dealers are involved and a report to FBI, Homeland Security and FTC have been filed. TO NOT SHOP AND GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!!! WWW.MALLHEADBAG.COM

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