Mandi Roberts – Westerville, Ohio Ohio


She is a self proclaimed Tupperware guru who posts a perfect life with her new 6th baby just born and life with her husband. What people don’t know is the last baby is more than likely NOT HIS! She has had mulitple affairs. She cheats continually and has no shame. She is not just a cheater but after she has been written off she still goes back sniffing around where she is not wanted. She pretends to be friendly and interested in you only to get close you your man. She can’t take no for an answer and does it all right under her husband’s nose. She EVEN INVITED one of the guys she was sleeping with over to parties she and her husband would host so she could screw him with no regard to her children or a man who gives up everything to support her and all her kids. Three of which are other men’s kids! Beware of this woman she is her own personal home wrecker and has no issues injecting herself in lives of others where she is NOT WANTED! She is a classic Wh*re!

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