Manie Amari’s Blog Review


I met Manie Amari online, he seemed like a real stand up guy. I wanted to learn more about working online, he did mention that he does consulting. After a few weeks I decided to put my trust in him and make the plunge to consult to better my life and business. I sent over 10,000 in good faith. After he received the payment he then stopped responding to my request and then blocked me. I made another account after assuming it might have been done in error, after he found it was me again he blocked me again! | I suggest anyone looking into consulting to stay far away from Manie Amari, he has multiple bad reviews online related to this. He won’t delivery his promise at all.


  • Name: Manie Amari’s Blog
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City: London
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