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Right, this is occurring at the Mapco at Warfield in Clarksville, Tennessee. I overheard a couple of the co-workers threatening violence against a higher official of the store and said “if that was her, she would have gotten cracked in the face!” and I find this kind of talk, rationalization and logic rather disturbing. If the two employees, both african american females, are willing to take their disgruntlement of a higher up out to a violent level, what is stopping them from doing it to a customer? Or a person on the street? This is very disheartening to hear as this was in the open air for any and all customers present to hear, and the store echos voices, so it does not matter where you stand. This happened around 11 PM or so. If anyone is willing to do something about this, please be swift about it. Seriously mate? Violence ain”t the answer here, and that comes from a bloke like me!

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