Marc Lapp – Port Charlotte, Florida Florida


Marc Lapp lives in Port Charlotte, Florida born and raised in Roseville, Michigan. Marc moved to florida where he lives with his grandmother. Yes at 29yr his grandmother pays for everything. He moved to florida 5 years ago which he gave up two of his daughters. Well actually his rights were suspended. You would think he would grow up giving the situation. Nope… he moved, got a DUI in 2014. Oh it didnt stop there with his behavior he got married, cheated, put his hands on her had a yet another daughter. Filed for divorce due to his lack of respect for woman and the continuance Demestic violence, well he is not invovled with that child either. Oh it gets better, he dated a girl from Michigan, she ended up getting pregnant with their son born 11/13/16. The baby was born early with a ton of medical issues and on 11/16/16 he passed away. Where was Marc? Begging her to marry him and try again while he was cheating on her. December 2016 these two officially broke up. It got even better a year later and marc makes fake facebook pages snap chats fake numbers and doesn’t leave her alone. While he’s doing this crazy stuff to her hes going around florida trying to sleep with every woman out there. Be cautious when in contact with him. Given his new DUI arrest in dec 2017, who know’s, he could up in jail. Lock up your vaginas and stay away from this stalking cheating dead beat dad.

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